Module Invariant.Fd

module Fd: FD 
  type fd = Var.Fd.t
  and type elt = Var.Fd.elt
Module for accessing finite integer domain variables with BIRs.

type fd 
Type of a finite domain variable.
type elt 
Type of elements in the domain.
val min : fd -> elt Invariant.unsetable_t
val max : fd -> elt Invariant.unsetable_t
val size : fd -> int Invariant.unsetable_t
val is_var : fd -> bool Invariant.unsetable_t
BIR variants of Fd.Var access functions.
val unary : ?name:string ->
(fd -> 'a) -> fd -> 'a Invariant.unsetable_t
unary ~name:"Invariant.XxxFd.unary" f v Wrapper of any access function over fd type.